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  • High-quality R&D production team

    Founded in 1972, the company is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the country. The company currently has a total asset of RMB 350 million and is one of the strongest turbocharger suppliers in the country.

  • A variety of personalized booster solutions

    The company has a full-process production line consisting of international advanced production equipment, mold development, rough casting, parts processing and product assembly, which can provide customers with high-quality, low-cost full range of supercharger products.

  • Strict product quality inspection process

    There are multiple sales service centers at home and abroad to provide customers with timely and comprehensive services. We are committed to becoming a turbocharger supplier with advanced international standards.

About us

Weifang FuYuan Turbochargers Co., Ltd., founded in 1972, is a high-tech enterprise approved by Chinese government. With total assets of 350 million yuan, FuYuan has become one of the strongest comprehensive turbocharger suppliers in China.

Currently, FuYuan is the only domestic turbocharger manufacturer that is able to provide multi-purpose, full-range turbocharger products. Products matching power range from 50KW to 4600KW, which can be widely used for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, marine, gen sets and aircraft. They can be classified into gasoline engine, diesel engine, gas engine turbocharger according to the fuel used.

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